Reversing the signs of aging, or just relaxing the appearance of the stressors of high pressure jobs and long hours at work is now more in demand among men then ever. In the last few years, there’s been a 300% increase in the number of men seeking anti-aging procedures.



At Mediderm we specialize in results driven individualized treatment for men in both achieving their most confident goals for the body, face, or overall skin texture. The team at Mediderm have unique knowledge in the very different approaches and demands to make men feel like the best version of themselves.  We make sure the results look masculine and confident. The results are subtle, and natural, giving our male patients a refreshed and more desirable appearance.

Non-invasive anti-aging treatments for men are not about the myth of being “vain”. For our patients, looking rested makes them feel good. Feeling good allows you to look younger and restores confidence. We think your face, body and your skin deserve the attention and maintenance. It’s no surprise that these procedures at The treatments we have for men are increasingly common among professional men and those who desire a more attractive appearance.

Our male patients are typically looking to look more “relaxed”, less “intense” or “angry”, giving them an appearance of being more approachable, refreshed, and in general, less tired. Looking healthy and attractive is also important in an ever more competitive job market.

Repetitive movement over time gives everyone deep lines between the brows commonly referred to as “the elevens” or the “angry frown”. This occurs over time naturally and can start in some individuals as early as their 30s, our cosmetic injectables can soften and relax these lines to make you look younger, more rested, and less intense.

Affectionately referred to as “Bro-tox”, these quick and easy treatments are among the most popular anti-aging procedures in our male patients. Our injectables are designed to soften lines and wrinkles formed by repeated expressions. The Mediderm teams expert techniques refined for men never look obvious, or “frozen”. The goal is softened and relaxed, but no one can tell.

Commonly treated areas with Bro-tox include:

  • Vertical frown lines or the angry “11’s” between the brows

  • Crows feet, or lines around the corner of the eyes with squinting and smiling

  • Horizontal forehead lines

  • Contouring of the jawline

  • Treatment of a gummy smile

  • Treatment of excessive sweating in the underarms or hands


A revolutionary new fat removal treatment was approved for use in Australia. The treatment is clinically proven to reduce fat under the chin also known as submental fat, helping to contour the jawline and improve appearance to this area.​ These fat dissolving injections are a long-term solution to eliminating stubborn fat cells unresponsive to diet and exercise. 

The treatment contains deoxycholic acid (a substance naturally occurring in the body) and works to breakdown and absorb dietary fat. When injected into the treatment site, it dissolves and destroys the fat cells within that area.  Once a fat cell has been destroyed they are unable to store fat thus reducing the total amount of fatty tissue in the treated area. When the desired aesthetic result has been achieved, no further treatments are required.


Whatever your skin concerns we can assist you on your journey to beautiful skin. Using the latest techniques and medical grade equipment our list of treatments is extensive giving you peace of mind that your end result is beautiful skin.

Cosmetic Injectables

Reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles while creating  a soft, natural and refreshed look with anti wrinkle injections and dermal fillers.

Cosmetic Tattooing

Cosmetic tattooing or semi permanent make up lets you look your best 24/7. Utilising the best equipment & pigments we create natural, stunning enhancements to compliment your features.

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