• Beverley Henderson

When Should I Start Anti Wrinkle Injections?

Our fixation with anti wrinkle injections is rapidly gaining momentum with almost 7 million procedures performed globally last year. In our age of social media, there is a rising trend seeing younger generations seeking these treatments. 

When it comes to relaxing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead, frown lines between the brows and crow’s feet around the eyes, the results and patient satisfaction from anti wrinkle injections greatly exceed the effect that any topical cosmetic formulation can produce.

Anti Wrinkle injections temporarily modify the way nerves and muscles operate to prevent the muscle action causing wrinkle formation.  Reducing the intensity and frequency of muscle contraction also prevents the formation of deeper lines in the long run, making the treatment an increasingly popular strategy in preventative ageing. Think of it as training: a little over time will achieve improved long term results.

Left untreated, fine lines develop into deeper set lines when the face is at rest and will no longer resolve effectively with anti wrinkle injections. In this case, combination treatment with dermal filler may be required to reduce the depth of the wrinkle. 

Age alone is not a decisive factor on when to commence treatment with anti wrinkle injections, these wrinkles result from facial animation as muscles contract to form different facial expressions when you smile, squint or frown. Those with more expressive faces will start to see the formation of lines above the active muscles sooner, regardless of age. Other factors that come into play include genetics, skin health, exposure to UV rays and smoking both of which accelerate the ageing process. 

Therapeutic Goods Australia have approved the use of anti wrinkle injectable products for those 18 years and older.  In clinical practice it is unusual to see patients before their mid 20’s as it is unlikely they would have sufficient lines to treat. Preventative anti wrinkle injections are becoming a trend in the 20-somethings in the know that injecting earlier is smart play in when it comes to slowing down the appearance of aging. Starting treatment at the first sight of fine lines requires minimal product dosage to slow down the formation of more wrinkles and requires less frequent treatments over time.

The millennial generation are highly researched and have access to empower themselves with knowledge when it comes to ageing. They consider the benefit in preventative anti wrinkle injections in combination with safe sun habits and professional skin care as part of their overall health and wellness routine. 

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