platelet rich plasma (prp)

Platelet Rich Plasma was pioneered to rejuvenate & slow down the aging process.  Using the healing powers of your own enriched plasma for regeneration or anti aging by biological stimulation of resident stem cells by growth factors. 


A sample of your blood is collected within our practice & the concentrated plasma extracted. PRP is then ready for application either by direct intradermal injection or in conjunction with Dermapen skin needling.


PRP regenerates collagen, improving texture, tone & elasticity whilst smoothing fine lines & wrinkles.


As all components are autologous (your own), PRP is preferable to individuals who do not like the idea of introducing a foreign substance, eliminating the risk of immunological reaction for a more natural treatment.



Used in the treatment of localized areas of concern such as tear troughs under the eyes or naso labi folds to accelerate the process of tissue regeneration and reconstruction. Collagen fibres are remodeled & fine wrinkles smoothed. Treatment protocol is for a series of 3 treatments several weeks apart.  




The unique combination of skin needling & Platelet Rich Plasma aka ‘The Vampire Facial’ became famous from it’s celebrity endorsement by the likes of Angelina Jolie & Kim Kardashian.


‘The ultimate in collagen induction for healthy, smooth, glowing skin.’


Utilising the DermaPen skin needling device, micro channels are created in the skin then your plasma is drizzled over the treated area to stimulate the body into producing new collagen.


This application is beneficial for tired skins, displaying signs of ageing & in need of rejuvenation.


For optimal results a series of 3 treatments are recommended spaced several weeks apart. Patients typically see some results a few weeks after the first treatment with continual improvement over the course of a few months.


A safe & natural collagen stimulating treatment suitable for face, neck, décolletage & backs of hands.

Pricing: 1xTreatment $550 OR *3xTreatments $1275

*T's&C's apply to treatment packages

Pricing: 1xTreatment $550 OR *3xTreatments $1400

*T's&C's apply to treatment packages

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