dermapen skin needling

DermaPen skin needling device is the most advanced alternative to Fractional Laser resurfacing. Originally  developed by plastic surgeons and dermatologists as a non surgical method of treatment for tissue rejuvenation and regeneration targeting textural changes associated with skin raging and scarring.

Unlike earlier roller appliances, DermaPen® causes less trauma & minimal epidermal skin damage, therefore reducing pain & discomfort resulting in a safer more effective treatment.

The disposable sterile cartridge of fine surgical steel microneedles eliminates the risk of cross contamination whilst the adjustable needle depths allow penetration of the upper and lower strata of the skin at targeted and specific depth, causing controlled microscopic wounds and pin point bleeding. This process elicits the body’s own wound healing response, which results in the release of cellular messengers that in turn increase natural collagen production.

Dermapen® is recommended in the treatment of;

  • Fine lines & Wrinkles

  • Acne scarring

  • Uneven skin texture

  • Skin rejuvenation

  • Surgical scars on the face and body

Your Practitioner will discuss the approximate number and frequency

of treatments you may need in your initial consultation.

Generally, patients require more than one treatment to achieve a

satisfactory result. Results will also depend on the extent of pre-treatment

collagen deficit in the tissue and collagen-degrading lifestyle factors

(smoking, poor diet, sun exposure).


Price: $349

This includes treatment to the face & neck, plus an LED light therapy treatment to accelerate tissue recovery.

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