cosmelan depigmentation


Cosmelan is Mesoestetics star treatment, a highly potent treatment designed to  combat acquired pigmentation whilst increasing skin luminosity & tone.

*A consultation to determine suitability is required for this procedure.

Cosmelan dramatically reduces the appearance of pigmentation by inhibiting the enzymatic pathway responsible for the formation of pigmentation.

Unlike laser modalities, Cosmelan is suitable for all skin types & all origins of pigmentation including hormonal pigmentation such as Melasma. Melasma is a condition which can be contraindicated to some laser therapies with the potential to exacerbate the condition.

The treatment involves a mask applied at the clinic which remains on the skin for 10-12 hours as advised by your practitioner. Once removed at home, a varying degree of inflammation, sensitivity, swelling & visible shedding is expected over the coming days. Once resolved, luminous, brighter skin is revealed with greatly improved & even colour tone. 

Price: $1250

The purchase of the Cosmelan treatment includes home care products essential to complete the treatment & avert the evolution of further melanin production.

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